Why should your business sponsor La Classique?

La Classique G. W. Tush is the country’s premier invitational roller derby tournament. Because of  teams’ variety and status that will participate this year, we reach more than 2,000 potential customers in each of the following categories:

  • La Classique participants (skaters, officials, staff, fans, vendors)
  • Broadcast viewers (>6K viewers)
  • Social media following

Because of the support and dedication of our La Classique sponsors, we will able to produce this amazing tournament year after year! Please review the sponsorship options below, or download the 2018 MTLRD Sponsorship PDF.  We can also build a custom package to fit your needs.

Contact sponsorship@mtlrd.com to set up your package today! Thank you for your future support of roller derby and La Classique G. W. Tush!

 MTLRD would like to thank the following sponsors for their precious help. Without you, we could not offer to our public the events for which they wait with so much haste.